Google Friend Connect now available for the Drupal platform!

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- Does your favorite site ask you to register to continue using the site .. aargh!
- Do you constantly forget which password works for which site :(

+ Don't you think it is time that life is made easier for you?
+ Well, we heard your concerns, and have since been working towards easing your pain :)
+ Presenting the 1-click Google Friend Connect button.. woohoo!
+ Instantly connect to any site and start leaving your thoughts/comments behind. No hassles, guaranteed!

What is Google Friend Connect?
The Google Friend Connect API provides a simple means of one-click user authentication using any of Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID accounts. This drupal plugin when installed provides tight integration between the Friend Connect and the native Drupal authentication mechanisms. In short, any site visitor can expect to access the different secured sections of the site, just like a native registered user, by using the single-click Friend Connect button.

Take this drupal installation for a test-drive now ... Start by adding a new comment to this post below.

- Muthu Muthusrinivasan
Software Engineer, Google Inc.
(for the Google Friend Connect Team)


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Please leave your comments

Please leave your comments behind.
We do like to hear from users .. what they like and also what they don't!

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Howdy, Google Friend Connect!

This is nice!

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This is looking hot!

Way to go guys!

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Hola Amigos


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Working fine

Interesting stuff.

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This looks cool.

This looks cool.

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I like it!

I really do!

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some subject

some comment

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I like to leave comments.

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PubCon rocks!

We're announcing the Google Friend Connect API at PubCon today!

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This looks cool! Does this

This looks cool! Does this also mean one can act as an 'authentic user' of a drupal-based site?

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@Rosh: This sample drupal plugin creates and syncs your local drupal account with friend connect.
You can do anything as a registered drupal user now!!

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Test comment

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I love this concept

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Wow Good

I am trying it now at the following websites But I need more explanations and support before I integrate with drupal and uses the friendconnect option for standard websites.

I want to integrate with the drupal site so that users can register through friend connect and interact easily.

Thank you google

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Excellent module, I have some questions about installation

1. I have a multisite directory, and had to add the two google HTML files (canvas.html and rpc_relay.html) to the root directory of my multi-installation to get it to work... I am sure this could be fixed by changing my .htaccess, but if you don't, then you could probably just use friend connect on one of your sites in a multi-site directory. The HTML files should be generated on the fly (in the same way as the Sitemap module does it)
2. After you upload your two files, upload the module, and activate, the module asks for a Site ID... well, the site ID is nowhere to be found. The code google gives you at the end of the process has some keys, but I don't know which on you should use from the code:
{ id: 'div-1234567890123',
site: '01234567890123456789' },

3. No block is created by the module, the question is, do you go ahead and create your own block and just add the code into a PHP filter?
4. Another question, is what do you do with the comments? Do you have to setup the permissions so that even anonymous posters can add them?
5. What else besides comments are valid interactions?

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This is very impressive.

This is very impressive. Awesome job.

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looks cool, works awesome

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Google Friend Connect Plugin

This looks like a huge improvement to Google Friend Connect.

The commenting feature was one thing that I have never cared for and this is a huge step forward.

Going to be adding this to my site right now.

Chris Lang

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Comments and Permissions

You can moderate comments from the site, it is under "moderate posts"

As far as adding GFC to subdirectories it is easily done under the "advanced" tab in "site settings."

Go to that link, click the "advanced" tab, then in "option 2" look for the text area with the label "Alternate addresses:"

Add you subdomain or other site and it will combine the two so you only have to have one piece of code.

I do have to say that if in WordPress I get the thread feature that I am seeing here that will be awesome as I do not want to hack up my custom WordPress theme to add that option.

I will have the plugin up soon and have more advice very soon on my site.

Hope this helps.

Chris Lang

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ED Pills

Hey. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
I am from Denmark and too bad know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Canadian mind products java internet glossary - airline tickets."

Best regards :-(, Peter.

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Thanks. That explains it

Thanks. That explains it

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Is there a Drupal 5.x

Is there a Drupal 5.x version? or does this work with 5.x and 6.x?

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Nice- open and very straightforward

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realy nice

it's a cool and lovely, you rock...

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Drupal 5?

How do we implement with Drupal 5? 10x :-)

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Man Wishing for a free Dolphin plugin LOL

I am switching to WP and wish this would do the membership for my site . maybe I'll get it working and use it.

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nice, very nice

nice, very nice

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Love it!

see subject

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Hello good jobb

Hello good jobb

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- your site ID is 01234567890123456789
- just activate the module, no need to add any extra block (see install instructions)
- this module creates a local drupal account synced to your google account and that is it .. hence, all interactions a native drupal user can perform can be done by users of this module
- currently, the block appears as part of the "anonymous comment form" .. hence, you would need to turn on anonymous comments .. else you can edit the code to add it elsewhere too .. (this is intended to be a proof-of-concept module only, so not all features are available.. hence feel free to extend it as you folks deem necessary)

- Muthu

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I get this error when I try to use it:

The requested URL /friendconnect/join&fcname=....

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testing 123

testing 123

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Wow :)

Wow :)

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(Why Does it dissapear on my site)


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way to go

good job

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This is a very cool integration with Drupal. It would be interesting to know whether a Joomla integration is in the works.

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just testing

hello, just trying out friend connect

this is a test link:


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test test

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testing... 1,2,3...

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And one more thing...

Review/Rate gadget is interesting also...


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Testing Google friend connect for Drupal

I use Disqus+Facebook Connect. Possible use Google friend connect too? noticias do vinho francês no Brasil

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